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It is never easy to determine how much a personal injury claim is worth because there are many factors that influence that decision. Depending on the nature of the accident,  amount of monetary loss, and the extent of the injuries, the total settlement figure can change considerably.

Pedestrians are especially vulnerable because they are largely unprotected. There are no helmets, nor cars surrounding the person, nor seat belts, or airbags to protect a pedestrian. Unfortunately, many drivers are completely unaware of pedestrians until it’s too late. According to the NHTSA, over 4000 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents and more than 60000 were injured in 2013. On average, one pedestrian is killed every 2 hours, and one is injured every 8 minutes.

Due to obvious disparities between a motor vehicle and a human being on foot, it is very likely that the pedestrian will have significant injuries. In this case, there are some common factors that influence the amount a pedestrian can recover.

Injuries: The severity of the injury is a very important factor- soft or connective tissue, such as muscle injuries are perceived as less severe, whereas broken bones are considered more severe.

Medical treatment: The medical treatment you went through is also important. This includes visits beyond doctors, but additional specialists that you may have seen, such as surgeons, pain management specialists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, to name a few.

Lost wages: If your accident prevented you from going to works you’ve lost should be fully reimbursed.

Ability: If your injury has limited the ability to perform in your work, this can have a great impact – especially if this changes your ability permanently, or over the long-term .

Daily routine: If your injury has affected your daily routine,t is important to highlight that, if you are not expecting to recover fully, your settlement should take this into consideration.

Liability: Although pedestrians are usually found not liable, if, for example, you stepped off the curb in front of a moving vehicle, or you crossed the road where you shouldn’t, this may reduce the amount you are entitled to.
If you, or someone you love is involved in a pedestrian accident, you can contact us toll free at (888) 520-9617 or contact us online.

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