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Winter is approaching. In many places around the country, it is getting cold and wet; however, the beginning of this season should not be a reason for you to stop cycling if you prepare and plan. Follow these simple winter cycling tips to enjoy many great rides during Christmas and New Year.


1: Wear the right clothes.

Make sure you wear clothes to keep your head, hands, feet, and torso warm enough. Remember, most of your body temperature escape through your head, so make sure you use a warm winter balaclava under your helmet. Protect your hands with warm gloves, but make sure the grip on the gloves is good; you will most likely experience some rain and it is a good idea to prepare your hands and handle for this condition. For your feet, always wear thermal shoes to keep the wind off your feet. In addition to this, wear lightweight, breathable outer jackets, both water, and wind-resistant.


2: Warm up before your ride.

Have a hot drink in a warm environment before stepping outside with your bike. It is also a good idea to do some mobility exercises and warm-up routine before. By doing this, your body will be ready for the exercise, and you may prevent injuries. 


3: Wear the right clothes.

Wear bright-colored clothes, and make sure your bike has reflectors and the proper lights, even if you are not planning on riding during the night. Wearing a headlight and rear flasher is always a good idea, especially when it rains as it is more difficult for drivers to see you in inclement weather conditions.


4: Prepare your bike for winter

Pay attention to your bike and make sure you prepare it for winter. You should clean your bike, can, gears, brakes, and wheels rim regularly. Always make sure your chain and gears have the proper lubrication. It is a good idea to go to your local bike shop at the beginning and end of winter to make sure your bike is in good condition.


5: Try to ride with someone.

It is safer and more convenient to have someone with your in case you suffer a mechanical issue or an accident. Plus, it can be a more enjoyable experience overall.


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