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According to experts, more drivers are traveling from further away on increasingly long, mind-numbing commutes. In addition, the rise in “distracted driving” – people calling, texting or checking social media on the road, is also increasing accidents in the area. 

To help you navigate the San Francisco Bay area safely, the  Maidenberg Law Group has created a shortlist highlighting some of the most dangerous roads in the Bay Area. 


U.S 101

This is a very popular route as it is part of the Pacific Coast Highway System. Besides how congested it is, many tourists take the route to travel around the state. Most of the tourists are unfamiliar with the road, which makes the trip more dangerous for them and everyone sharing the road. 


Highways 1 and 5

The “Shoreline Highway is very curvy and uneven which increases the chances of an accident. According to the National Transportation Safety Administration, highway 5 ranks at number 23 in the list of deadliest highways in the country, with an average of one accident per mile. While driving on Highway 1, be sure to allow a safe braking distance, and don’t pass on solid yellow lines. If drivers tailgate you, pull off on designated pull out areas to let them pass. The I5 speed limit is 70 mph, but oftentimes, you will see commuters driving 100 mph and passing on the right. It’s best that you remain in the right lane and only take the fast lane to go around slower freight trucks when it’s clear to do so. Many speeding commuters driving from SF to LA will rush up dangerously close to the rear end of a semi-truck in the slow lane to cut in line in the fast lane. If you see drivers behaving this way, notify California Highway Patrol (CHP), as these drivers are endangering everyone on the road by driving so recklessly.  

Wherever you are, remember that the best way to avoid an accident is to stay focused on your driving, keeping a safe distance between cars, and yielding to those who speed, and reporting more reckless drivers to CA Highway Patrol. 

If you or a loved one recently experienced an accident on major highways in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ll want an experienced attorney to guide you through this difficult time. Maidenberg Law Group will walk you through each step of the process.


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