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People get into car accidents all the time. One of the reasons we know this is because we read about accidents from our friends and family, and see posts from others showing videos of the accidents on social media. The irony of this is that posting on social media can be the biggest mistake you can make when filing your car accident lawsuit. Any stories or pictures you post on social media about your crash can jeopardize your claim.

No matter what sort of pictures, videos, statuses, and pretty much any other form of content you post to social media, chances are, these posts may have some form of legal consequence if you are not careful.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider posting anything about your car accident on your social medial accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, etc.

Compromised Confidentiality

During your meetings with your attorney to prepare your case, you will have long hours of confidential conversations related to your car accident lawsuit. 

Confidentiality ensures that the opposite party won’t be able to get an advantage over you in the courtroom because they will not know what to expect.

If you publish any type of information that provides information that the opposing side can use to their advantage, your chances of winning the case may be affected. 

Contesting your Injury 

Let’s say that you will argue about severe psychological or physical damages. However, you post on Instagram your latest dinner with your friends, smiling and hugging everyone without hesitation. 

This type of behavior will not match your argument regarding psychological or physical damages. A defense lawyer will likely use your post to argue that you are not hurt at all. That is why it is important that if you are going to be using social media, that you be mindful of what you are posting and refrain from posts that could  be detrimental to your case when dealing with an accident claim.

Open up on social media

Sometimes, people feel the temptation to reach to their phone and type up an angry message after the accident or throughout the process of your lawsuit. Even if you think that what you are uploading is neutral or unrelated to the lawsuit, it can still be used against you in court. If you are simply sharing a photo of the wrecked car and mention your injuries, rather than speak badly of the other driver, the post might not be as costly to your case. 

We hope that this post has properly educated you about the possible, even probable consequences of sharing on social media throughout your car accident lawsuit. Remember, the average person spends about 116 minutes out of each day on social media. It’s best to consult your lawyer about what is or isn’t appropriate to post while you are involved with an accident claim case.

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