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Bicycle accident lawsuits are not as common as car accident lawsuits, but, as it is always the case, you need to be prepared for anything.

First, make sure you have everything in order, check your bike before riding it, get insurance if possible, and ride safely. If you get involved in an accident, consider the following:

1: Assess the situation:
Stop, remain calm. The first thing is to clear your mind and understand the situation you are involved in. It is very important to assess the damage and the overall state of the situation. Make sure to give priority to your safety and the safety of the people involved. Check traffic and the risk of fire or explosion and check whether anyone has been injured.

2: Call the authorities if necessary:

Your priority is the health of everyone around you. Call  911 if any injuries have occured.

3: Take a lot of pictures:

Once you have relaxed and collected your thoughts, start documenting everything you can regarding the accident, this will mainly involve taking as many pictures as possible. Make sure to get as many details as possible, as this will be very important in case a lawsuit is brought against you in the future.

4: Keep calm and be cooperative with anyone involved:
We know accidents are stressful and can  potentially put you in a defensive state. Despite this, you will need to control your feelings and cooperate with others involved in the accident. It is always a good idea to keep your ego and all that emotional outrage in check. Cooperation and communication go a long way in these kinds of situations.

5: Exchange information:
This is particularly important because it shows that you are being responsible in this situation, and it may become important as you can communicate directly with anyone involved. Sometimes, your willingness to be held accountable will help you to avoid the hardship of going to court.

6: Report the accident to your bicycle insurance carrier and lawyer:
If you don’t have bicycle insurance, it is important to consider getting it. It is also important to find a  lawyer, so that you will be prepared in case of any litigation.

7: Communicate, but be careful:

Do not admit fault for the entire accident, because liability may not necessarily be evident. Usually, there are multiple factors and variables that create the circumstances for a bike accident.  Be sure to accept responsibility for your own part, but not necessarily the whole thing.

At the end of the day, any one of us may end up causing a bicycle accident. But if you follow the 7 steps outlined above,  this will help mitigate your circumstances.

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